Supported RST in the Guides Site

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Author: MongoDB Docs Platform Team

This reference page illustrates supported rst directives in the VSCode extension for Snooty as they apply to the Guides site. This list of directives is merely what Snooty supports for validation and does not include every supported directive. However, it’s a good place to start if you are just beginning your journey with reStructuredText.

Time required: 20 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • Snooty VSCode extension

Check Your Environment

  • Make sure you have VSCode with the Snooty extension. You can check by clicking blocks icon on the left of the VSCode window.


Platform 4.0 Community & Enterprise 3.6 Community & Enterprise
Ubuntu 16.04 x x

Pullouts and other formatting niceties


This is a note

This is a note, use this when you really just want the user to read something, but it’s not an emergency if they don’t.


This is a warning

Use this when you have something to say that if ignored could result in danger.


This is an important thing

Something that is important to know, but not an emergency.


This is a tip

Make the reader feel like an insider

Literal include with a code block

language options are:

  • javascript
  • java
  • node
  • python
  • go
  • csharp
  • c++
  • sh
import { Stitch, GoogleRedirectCredential } from "mongodb-stitch-browser-sdk";

Plain code block

Use this code block when you need to embed something in the page directly. Note that language formatting is specified as a parameter.

npm install mongodb-stitch-browser-sdk

Including images

Indicate alt text and screen size.

Include a figure:

Always use alt so screen readers can see.

The Uriwriter

The uriwriter is a directive that will inject a simple form into the page for the user to copy/paste their connection string (without password of course). Alternatively they can type their server params for self-managed MongoDB instances. Once populated, any content in code blocks that contain <URISTRING> will be replaced with a connection string.



Hidden tabs for the tabs-cloud set and the languages tab set will result in toggle pills at the top of the page. The page will behave differently if you’ve selected cloud vs local.

Lucky cloud user!

We feel sorry for windows users, but we help them when we can.

Mac users are happier on mojave.

Linux users rock.

Server deployment type
  • local MongoDB
  • local MongoDB with replica set

and here is what the output will look like in a code block:


The functionality is sticky, meaning that if the user comes back to the site later their URISTRING will display.


In rst, roles are a great way to create logical linking to resources that may change (urls, specifically) and to provide standard formatting across the site.

The idea is that by using a role you don’t need to maintain links when they change, and formatting changes will take place without migration.

Formatting roles

This is the guilabel role



Use this guide as a reference for what’s possible with Snooty next gen Guides.

What’s Next

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