Create an Atlas Account and Cluster

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Author: MongoDB Documentation Team

In this guide, you will:

  • create a free account on Atlas, MongoDB’s managed database solution in the cloud
  • create a free MongoDB cluster, or group of database instances.

Time required: 15 minutes

What You’ll Need


Access to an Atlas supported browser

Check if you have an Atlas supported browser.



Create or login to an Atlas user account

Atlas is MongoDB’s cloud-based, database-as-a-service solution. In order to use MongoDB in the cloud, you need to create an Atlas user account.

Go to to create or login to your user account.

If you are creating your user account, as part of the process Atlas automatically creates a default “organization” and “project” for you. On Atlas, an organization correlates to a the name of the organization for which the cluster is being created, and the project is a specific application or initiative that will make use of this MongoDB Atlas cluster. You can add additional organizations and projects later.


Select the Build New Cluster button

If you already had an account when you logged in, you will see a Clusters management panel. A cluster is a group of MongoDB instances that work together to provide high availability and fault tolerance.

Select the green Build A New Cluster button at the center of the Clusters panel.


If you have already built a cluster, you will see this button at the right hand side of the panel.


Pick your cluster tier

Now it’s time to select your cluster tier. In this guide we will be setting up a free-tier or M0 cluster.

Ensure that the Cloud Provider and Region dropdowns have Amazon Web Services and either N. Virginia (us-east-1) or Frankfurt (eu-central-1) selected.


Scroll down and click on the Cluster Tier section. For the free tier cluster, select the M0 cluster. You can only create one free tier (M0) cluster per account. The M0 cluster is not recommended for production applications.


The Atlas Live Migration service requires M10 or larger instance nodes. For development or staging environments, deploy a cluster with M10 or M20 instance nodes. For production workloads, select M30 or larger instance nodes.


Create your cluster

Click the Create Cluster button at the bottom of the page. If you have selected a non free-tier cluster you will be prompted for credit card information. It takes a few minutes for the cluster instance to spin up.


Create an administrative username and password

Atlas prompts you to create an administrative MongoDB user as a part of deploying the first Atlas cluster in the project. This user has administrative access to any MongoDB cluster you deploy in the Atlas project.

Fill in the username and password fields. The password should be random, long, and complex to ensure system security and to impede malicious access.


If you have successfully completed this guide, you have created your first Atlas account and MongoDB cluster. Now it’s time to put data into your Atlas MongoDB cluster.