Joyent CloudΒΆ

For installing MongoDB on a Joyent Node SmartMachine, see JoyentCloud documentation. You must have login credentials to view documentation.

For the quickest start, you can use the Joyent SmartMachine for MongoDB Appliance.

The prebuilt MongoDB Solaris 64 binaries work with Joyent accelerators.

Some newer gcc libraries are required to run. See the sample setup session below.

# assuming a 64 bit accelerator
/usr/bin/isainfo -kv

# get mongodb
# note this is 'latest' you may want a different version
curl -O
gzip -d mongodb-sunos5-x86_64-latest.tgz
tar -xf mongodb-sunos5-x86_64-latest.tar
mv "mongodb-sunos5-x86_64-2009-10-26" mongo

cd mongo

# get extra libraries we need (else you will get a dependency issue)
curl -O
gzip -d mongo-extra-64.tgz
tar -xf mongo-extra-64.tar
# just as an example - you will really probably want to put these somewhere better:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=mongo-extra-64
bin/mongod --help
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