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Admin UIs

MongoDB Community Server does not come packaged with a GUI-style administrative interface. Instead most administration is done from command line tools such as the:program:mongo shell. However some GUI’s are available as commercial offerings or separate community projects and are listed below. Some of these tools are focused on administration, while others focus on data viewing.

MongoDB Compass

Built by the team that engineers the database, MongoDB Compass is a GUI for MongoDB. It allows you to:

  • Visually explore your data
  • Interact with your data with full CRUD functionality
  • Run ad hoc queries
  • View detailed information about indexes
  • View visual explain plans to help optimize query performance

MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a hosted database as a service from the team that engineers the database. The MongoDB Atlas GUI allows you:

  • Set up and manage your clusters
  • Scale up or out with automated sharding
  • Monitor your MongoDB deployments running in MongoDB Atlas
  • Configure security controls
  • Manage automated backups and failure recovery

MongoDB Cloud Manager

MongoDB Cloud Manager is a management platform for MongoDB, delivered as a cloud service. MongoDB Cloud Manager allows you to:

  • Monitor your deployment and set custom alerts
  • Automate database setup and maintenance
  • Visualize and optimize query performance
  • Manage automated backups and recovery

Third-Party Open-Source Tools


Mongoclient is a completely free and open-source mongodb management tool. It’s written in MeteorJS . Additionally it’s fully responsive and have a nice look and feel. Available on most platforms including Mac, Linux, Windows with portable distributions, as an advantage of responsive design and MeteorJS, it’s easier to use Mongoclient on most mobile platforms.


  • Fully responsive design, supports all platforms.
  • Directly file upload or download from an easy UI.
  • Directly database dump/restore from an easy UI.
  • Autocompletion of columns on queries.
  • Visualized mongodb server status with a nice dashboard and charts. (Server Monitoring)
  • Supports MongoDB 3.2 and older versions.
  • Configurable timeout, default result view and more features.
  • Completely free and open-source and it will be! Licensed under MIT .

See also


mongo express is an open source web-based MongoDB administrative interface written with Node.js and Express 4.


  • Async on-demand loading of big documents and/or properties to keep table view fast
  • GridFS support
  • Connect to multiple databases
  • Mobile / Responsive with Bootstrap 3

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adminMongo is an open source Web based administration user interface written with Node.js.

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Edda is a log visualizer. It takes logs as input and creates a timeline of notable events in the set. It can be installed via pip:

pip install edda


Fluentd is an open source log management tool with MongoDB Integration. See the Store Apache Logs into MongoDB tutorial for an example of this integration. is a web-based user interface for MongoDB.


  • Easy CRUD operations
  • Human-friendly
  • Integrated dashboard
  • Works on mobile and tablet
  • Supports all recent browsers
  • Works on Windows, Linux and OSX

To track progress on Twitter, follow: @humongousio.

Fang of Mongo

Fang of Mongo is a web-based user interface for MongoDB built with django and jquery.


It will allow you to explore content of MongoDB with simple but (hopefully) pleasant user interface.


  • field name autocompletion in query builder
  • data loading indicator
  • human friendly collection stats
  • disabling collection windows when there is no collection selected
  • twitter stream plugin
  • many more minor usability fixes
  • works well on recent chrome and firefox

See also

UMongo (formerly JMongoBrowser)

UMongo is a GUI app that can browse and administer a MongoDB cluster. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.



MongoHub is a native OSX GUI. It supports importing data through direct MySQL connections, CSV and JSON imports and exports.


MongoVision is a MongoDB management tool written for Prudence.


  • Extended JSON support
  • Tabular view
  • Click to sort
  • Filter boxes to alter query
  • Auto-refresh


MongoVUE is a .NET GUI for MongoDB.


NoSQL Manager for MongoDB

NoSQL Manager for MongoDB is a desktop GUI tool for Mongo database management, administration and development. It unites a user-friendly GUI and the power of the Mongo shell.


  • Fully functional Mongo shell
  • Easy-to-use document viewer and editor
  • Simple management of all Mongo objects: databases, collections, indices, users, roles and functions
  • SSH tunneling for Mongo connections
  • Map-Reduce operation editor
  • File Manager tool to work with GridFS
  • GUI for the mongodump and mongorestore MongoDB tools


mViewer is a web-based MongoDB administration tool.


PHPMoAdmin is a MongoDB administration tool for PHP built on a stripped-down version of the Vork high-performance framework.

  • Nothing to configure - place the moadmin.php file anywhere on your web site and it just works!
  • Fast AJAX-based XHTML 1.1 interface operates consistently in every browser!
  • Self-contained in a single 95kb file!
  • Works on any version of PHP5 with the MongoDB database installed & running.
  • Super flexible - search for exact-text, text with * wildcards, regex or JSON (with MongoDB-operators enabled)
  • Option to enable password-protection for one or more users; to activate protection, just add the username-password(s) to the array at the top of the file.
  • E_STRICT PHP code is formatted to the Zend Framework coding standards + fully-documented in the phpDocumentor DocBlock standard.
  • Textareas can be resized by dragging/stretching the lower-right corner.
  • Free & open-source! Release under the GPLv3 FOSS license!
  • Option to query MongoDB using JSON or PHP-array syntax
  • Multiple design themes to choose from
  • Instructional error messages - phpMoAdmin can be used as a PHP-MongoDB connection debugging tool

PHPMoAdmin can help you discover the source of connection issues between PHP and MongoDB. Download phpMoAdmin, place the moadmin.php file in your web site document directory and navigate to it in a browser. One of two things will happen:

  • You will see an error message explaining why PHP and MongoDB cannot connect and what you need to do to fix it
  • You will see a bunch of MongoDB-related options, including a selection of databases (by default, the admin and local databases always exist) - if this is the case your installation was successful and your problem is within the PHP code that you are using to access MongoDB, troubleshoot that from the MongoDB docs on


PHPmongoDB is a web-based MongoDB administration tool.


  • Easily and freely available on Github
  • Supports user authentication
  • Web interface for all queries
  • Search in Web interface
  • Delete multiple records in one go
  • Read-only mode configurable
  • Import and Export


RockMongo is a MongoDB management tool, written in PHP 5.

Main features:

  • easy to install, and open source
  • multiple hosts, and multiple administrators for one host
  • password protection
  • query dbs
  • advanced collection query tool
  • read, insert, update, duplicate and remove single row
  • query, create and drop indexes
  • clear collection
  • remove and change (only work in higher PHP-MongoDB version) criteria matched rows
  • view collection statistics


Genghis is a single-file MongoDB admin app, which is available as either a Ruby or PHP script.



Meclipse is an Eclipse plugin for MongoDB.


Humongous is a standalone MongoDB browser built in Ruby.

MongoDB ODA plugin for BIRT

The MongoDB ODA plugin for BIRT is an Eclipse-based plugin that enables you to connect to a MongoDB database and pull out data to display in your BIRT report. The interface is simple and an extensive user guide is provided with the release.


mongobird is an operations and administration management tool for MongoDB with dashboards, forecast warning, and various graphs.


  • Packaged with an install script.
  • Supports real-time monitoring. Captures information from the servers at 10 second intervals
  • Provides a group for MongoDB replica sets.
  • Dashboard of important information so that the state of MongoDB is visable at a glance.
  • Graphs that display historical statistics for all data collected from MongoDB.
  • Supports user-defined events for forecasting, warnings, and event notification,
  • Open source. See the licensing page for more information.


mongoowl is a live monitoring and graphic visualization tool based on DHTML including HTML5.


  • Free download.
  • Live Monitoring: Provides monitoring information by 1 second intervals.
  • Pure JavaScript: Just uses javascript with DHTML.
  • Standalone: Runs without WAS.
  • Animated Graphs: Supports user-defined graphs by smooth changes about monitoring items.
  • Any Device: Supports all devices include mobile.


Robomongo is a shell-centric cross-platform open source MongoDB management tool (i.e. Admin GUI). Robomongo embeds the same JavaScript engine that powers MongoDB’s mongo shell. Everything you can write in mongo shell you can write in Robomongo!



  • Full Power of a MongoDB Java Script environment. Robomongo embeds a complete JavaScript engine (based on Mozilla SpiderMonkey).
  • Multiple Shells. Open as many shells as you need. Every tab in Robomongo is a MongoDB shell, fully isolated from each other.
  • Multiple Results. Robomongo executes your code in statement by statement way. That means that you will receive as many result as many statements you have.
  • Autocompletion. Robomongo provides you with autocompletion for all objects (and thus functions) that are known by JavaScript runtime, including autocompletion for databases, collections and even your document objects.
  • Cross-platform, open source.

Toad Mac Edition

ToadTM Mac Edition is a freeware tool for MongoDB database development and NoSQL data discovery that enables users to quickly and efficiently perform common database tasks natively on the Macintosh Operating System.

Toad Mac Edition supports the following database platforms:

  • MongoDB: 2.6, 2.8, 3.x
  • Oracle Database: Oracle 9i – 12c
  • PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL 9.0 – 9.3
  • MySQL: MySQL 5.5, 5.6


  • MongoDB Query Editor

    Write Queries in Native MongoDB Query Language with full featured editor with intellisense, returning results in Grid or JSON format.

  • MongoDB Interactive Data Browser


Additional Resources:


Opricot is a hybrid GUI/CLI/Scripting web frontend implemented in PHP to manage your MongoDB servers and databases. Use as a point-and-click adventure for basic tasks, utilize scripting for automated processing or repetitive things.

Opricot combines the following components to create a fully featured administration tool:

  • An interactive console that allows you to either work with the database through the UI, or by using custom Javascript.
  • A set of simple commands that wrap the Javascript driver, and provide an easy way to complete the most common tasks.
  • Javascript driver for MongoDB that works on the browser and talks with the AJAX interface.
  • Simple server-side AJAX interface for communicating with the MongoDB server (currently available for PHP).


Moa(db) is a new PHP MongoDB GUI. The project is focused on a very simple interface and a drag & drop setup. Helpful query validation, amazing lightweight UI , JSON imports & exports, SSL support, and much more in the box.



MongoApp is a GUI-based tool that allows you to run MongoDB on the Mac.


A web-based user interface for MongoDB build with node js.


  • MongoCMS is a MongoDB-backed content manager specifically developed to manage rich content applications such as blogs and other web data.

NoSQL Viewer

  • NoSQL Viewer is a free software product for MongoDB and NoSQL databases. NoSQL Viewer provides a convenient, easy-to-use GUI framework for data manipulation and database object management in your MongoDB databases from a single application. Features include:
    • Full support of MongoDB and popular NoSQL databases.
    • Convenient GUI framework to query, view, and modify data in MongoDB and NoSQL databases.
    • Support for database object management.
    • High-performance data copying between MongoDB collections and different databases.
    • High-performance data migration between MongoDB and different supported NoSQL databases.
    • Support of specific query APIs for supported databases.
    • Designed for MongoDB and NoSQL database developers, analysts and database administrators.
    • An intuitive GUI to access and modify NoSQL data.
    • Ability to view, store and modify BLOB binary data of any type.
    • Ability to manage database users and roles.
    • Ability to query data using standard SQL language.
    • Many more advanced features.

Third-Party Commercial Tools

3T Data Compare

3T Data Compare is a multi-platform data comparison tool for MongoDB, and includes the following features:

  • Graphical side-by-side comparisons make it straightforward to understand the differences in your data.
  • Easily visualise comparison results to help identify how critical data differs across environments.
  • Highlight what new data and changes are required between different deployments of your systems.
  • Examine which changes have occurred between current databases and previous backups.
  • Quickly solve data-related setup problems in new deployments.
  • Easily diagnose configuration problems in development, testing and production systems.
  • Multi-platform: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.

3T MongoChef

3T MongoChef is a multi-platform, in-place data browser and editor, and includes the following features:

  • Edit any MongoDB data type directly in a tree-view, table-view or in a lossless JSON editor.
  • Edit complex structures such as embedded documents or arrays-in-arrays-in-embedded-documents in both a tree-view or table-view effortlessly.
  • See live evaluation of your data as you type (very handy for data types such as Date, Timestamp, etc).
  • Seamlessly step into embedded objects, either for all documents simultaneously or for just individual documents.
  • Build JSON queries with simple drag-and-drop.
  • Copy & paste documents across databases and collections.
  • Import & export documents from and to different databases, collections, and JSON files.
  • Multi-platform: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.

3T Schema Explorer

With the multi-platform 3T Schema Explorer, it’s easy to explore the schema of your MongoDB data:

  • Find structural outliers and anomalies in a single glance.
  • Quickly verify the “sanity” of your data. For example:
    • Do all documents in my customer collection have an address field?
    • How likely will an embedded address object contain a country code?
    • Do my _id fields really all contain ObjectIDs? Where do those occasional String values come from?
  • Inspect documents containing certain keys or data types with just one click, all in the same application!
  • Multi-platform: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.

Database Master


  • Tree view for databases and collections
  • Create/Drop indexes
  • View Server and database statistics
  • Supports RDBMS (MySQL, postgres, ...)


Use DbSchema to create diagrams for MongoDB, with separate entities for each collection and sub-document.

Relational Data Browse is a module inside DbSchema for exploring and editing the data in MongoDB, from collections into sub-documents or between different collections based on virtual foreign key. The virtual foreign keys allow setting a ‘virtual’ dependency between collections where an document is referred from another document via ObjectId. After creating them you will be able to explore data from this two collections just using the mouse, as you would do a join select in relational databases.

The Query Editor allows executing queries written in Groovy ( a Java-based scripting language ). For editing queries in a visual way use the Query Builder. Enjoy data loader and other modules as well.

MongoDBPumper for Oracle

MongoDBPumper is a tool that facilitates data transfer between Oracle and MongoDB databases, and includes the following features:

  • Intuitive GUI wizard to facilitate data mapping and transfer operation.
  • Support for all Oracle database versions including 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0, 10.1.0, 10.2.0, 11.1.0, 11.2.0, 12.1.0
  • Support for all MongoDB database versions including 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 3.0
  • Support of two-way data transfer between Oracle and MongoDb databases.
  • Supports most data types and performs data type conversions.
  • Support of parallel data transfer operations for optimal performance.
  • Support of loading MongoDb nested collections.

JSON Studio

JSON Studio is a suite of data access applications enabling easy access to data stored in MongoDB using a high-level interface that does not require scripts, does not require writing JSON queries and can be used by both technical and less-technical people. Primary users include production/application support personnel, QA engineers, analysts, data scientists and developers.


  • Run queries and searches without learning shell syntax and using an easy-to-use point-and-click interface.
  • Build and run complex analytic queries and execute them without writing code and without learning new syntax.
  • Sync data to and from Excel spreadsheets without scripts and in an interface accommodating analysts.
  • A full visualization framework allowing you to build any chart on data in MongoDB including lines, bars, pies, columns, area charts, treemaps, scatter plots, parallel plots, and more.
  • A robust suite of tools for QA including the ability to view collections and documents, differs for comparing collections, schema viewers, and more.
  • Comprehensive profiling that extends system.profile capabilities with long-term retention, centralized storage and profiling analytics.

See the full demo of the finder application within the Studio.


MongoBooster is a shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for MongoDB v2.2-3.2, which provides update-in-place, Lodash & Moment.js integration, ES6 syntax support and true intellisense experience.

Includes the following features:

  • Offer true IntelliSense experience. The build-in language service knows all possible completions, methods, properties, variables, key words, MongoDB collection names, field names and operators.
  • Embeded V8 Engine, No external MongoDB command line tools dependence.
  • ES6 syntax support, Lodash & Moment.js integration.
  • Handy command Palette . Instead of clicking around all the application menus to look for something, you can just hit Cmd-Shift-P and search for the command.
  • Support in-place editing in result tree view.
  • Parameter hints, mouse hover and on-the-fly Error Detection.
  • Bracket matching and auto-complete.
  • SSH tunneling for MongoDB connections
  • Copy & paste documents across databases and collections, Import & export documents.
  • Multi-platform: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.


Connect to your MongoDB databases directly from your iPhone with MongoMonitor.

  • Connect to your MongoDB databases, supporting single hosts, Replica Sets and shards
  • Check your database’s status, statistics and indexes
  • Navigate through all collections, documents and sub-documents
  • View and copy individual data in documents
  • GridFS upload and preview (supports images, PDFs, and Office)
  • Remove documents from your collections
  • Handles mongodb:// links so you don’t have to type in long connections

Mongo Management Studio - Community Edition

Mongo Management Studio is a management console for MongoDB. With a clean and lightweight user interface, you can execute the typical MongoDB commands, without using the MongoDB shell. It cant assists your local development and test processes and works with MongoDB instances on remote and production servers. With a basic but strict user and rights management you can control of the access rights of all users.


  • Super simple query interface which supports multiple formats
  • Different result views with paging and sorting
  • MongoDB 2.4 / 2.6 / 3.0 compatible
  • All MongoDB CRUD operations
  • Replica-Set support
  • Manage the Indexes with a neat UI
  • Export / Import your data MongoDB-compliant
  • Supports MongoDB authentication
  • Read only GridFS support
  • Integrated native MongoDB-Shell
  • Cross-platform
  • Easy installation
  • Detailed documentation
  • Multiple languages (currently English, German, Chinese, Spanish)

Mongo Management Studio - Professional/Enterprise Edition

Mongo Management Studio is a management console for MongoDB. With a clean and lightweight user interface, you can execute the typical MongoDB commands, without using the MongoDB shell. It cant assists your local development and test processes and works with MongoDB instances on remote and production servers. With a basic but strict user and rights management you can control of the access rights of all users.


  • Super simple query interface which supports multiple formats
  • Different result views with paging and sorting
  • MongoDB 2.4 / 2.6 / 3.0 compatible
  • Autocomplete
  • Support for SSH Connections (including private key file authentication)
  • Save Queries for easy reuse
  • All MongoDB CRUD operations
  • Aggregation Framework queries
  • Replica-Set support
  • JSON Schema Validation (schema can be edited ans saved)
  • Manage the Indexes with a neat UI
  • Export / Import your data MongoDB-compliant
  • Supports MongoDB authentication
  • Full GridFS support with drag and drop
  • Simple UI for MongoDB User Management
  • Integrated native MongoDB-Shell
  • Mobile Ready (Enterprise Edition)
  • Application Level User Management (Enterprise Edition)
  • Commercial Support
  • Cross-platform
  • Easy Installation
  • Detailed documentation
  • Multiple languages (currently English, German, Chinese, Spanish)

Data Viewers




Vulture is a simple yet powerful web-based user interface for exploring MongoDB documents.


  • Filtering collections using regular queries
  • Built-in suport for GeoJSON indexes
  • Basic statistics on numeric fields