MongoDB Perl Driver

The official Perl driver is available through CPAN as the package MongoDB.

MongoDB Perl Driver Compatibility

MongoDB Compatibility

The following compatibility table specifies the recommended version(s) of the MongoDB Perl driver for use with a specific version of MongoDB.

The first column lists the driver version(s).

Perl Driver MongoDB 4.0 MongoDB 3.6 MongoDB 3.4 MongoDB 3.2 MongoDB 3.0 MongoDB 2.6 MongoDB 2.4

The driver does not support older versions of MongoDB.

Language Compatibility

The MongoDB Perl driver requires Perl 5.10.1 or later.

Third-party Perl Drivers


Mango is a pure-Perl, non-blocking, asynchronous driver for MongoDB, designed to work with the Mojolicious web framework. Created by Sebastian Riedel.

Object-Document Mappers


Meerkat lets you manage MongoDB documents as Moose objects. Your objects represent projections of the document state maintained in the database. Meerkat is designed for atomic operations that keep client-side objects in sync with the database. Created by David Golden.


MongoDB::Simple is a basic object-to-document mapping system with few dependencies. Created by Ian Kent.


Mongoose is an attempt to bring together the full power of Moose with MongoDB. It provides a full suite of object-to-document mapping facilities. Created by Rodrigo de Oliveira Gonzalez.


MongoDBI is an Object-Document-Mapper (ODM) for MongoDB. It allows you to create Moose-based classes to interact with MongoDB databases.

MongoDBI allows you to easily model classes while leveraging the power of MongoDB’s schema-less and expeditious document-based design, dynamic queries, and atomic modifier operations. Created by Al Newkirk.


MongoDBx::Class is an ORM for MongoDB databases. MongoDBx::Class takes advantage of the fact that Perl’s MongoDB driver is Moose-based to extend and tweak the driver’s behavior, instead of wrapping it. This means MongoDBx::Class does not define its own syntax, so you simply use it exactly as you would the MongoDB driver directly. Created by Ido Perlmuter.

Other Perl Tools


BSON is a pure-Perl BSON implementation. Created by Stefan G. and maintained by MongoDB.

BSON::XS is an optional, XS-optimized BSON implementation plugin for the BSON module. Created by MongoDB.


Entities::Backend::MongoDB is a backend for the Entities user management and authorization system. It stores all entities and relations between them in a MongoDB database. Created by Ido Perlmuter.


MojoX::Session::Store::MongoDB is a store for MojoX::Session that stores a session in a MongoDB database. Created by Ask Bjørn Hansen.


MongoDB::Admin is a collection of MongoDB administrative functions. Created by David Burley.


MongoDBx::Queue is a basic message queue system backed by MongoDB. Created by David Golden.


MongoX is light wrapper for MongoDB, providing some nice DSL sugar. Created by Pan Fan.


MooseX::Role::MongoDB is a Moose role which provides connection management and automatic fork handling for the MongoDB driver. Created by David Golden.


OOP Perl CMS is based on Khurt Williams’ Object Oriented Perl methodology and can be used as a basic CMS framework or as a basis for your own CMS system. It uses Apache & mod_perl with MongoDB backend. Created by Waitman Gobble.