MongoDB Rust Driver

    This is the official MongoDB Rust Driver.

    See Installation

    Select from the Sync or Async tabs below for corresponding connection code samples.

    To connect to a MongoDB Atlas cluster, use the Atlas connection string for your cluster:

    The default async runtime used by the driver is tokio. To use a different runtime, see Configuring the async runtime.

    use mongodb::{bson::doc, options::ClientOptions, Client};
    async fn main() -> mongodb::error::Result<()> {
    // Parse your connection string into an options struct
    let mut client_options =
    // Manually set an option
    client_options.app_name = Some("Rust Demo".to_string());
    // Get a handle to the cluster
    let client = Client::with_options(client_options)?;
    // Ping the server to see if you can connect to the cluster
    .run_command(doc! {"ping": 1}, None)
    println!("Connected successfully.");
    // List the names of the databases in that cluster
    for db_name in client.list_database_names(None, None).await? {
    println!("{}", db_name);

    The Rust driver is currently missing some features such as explicit sessions which prevents you from creating transactions and ensuring causal consistency. We plan to make this driver consistent with our other drivers in the future.

    Rust Driver
    MongoDB 4.4
    MongoDB 4.2
    MongoDB 4.0
    MongoDB 3.6

    The Rust driver is not compatible with MongoDB server versions older than 3.6.

    (*) Not all features in MongoDB 4.4 are available in this version of the driver including OCSP. These features will be included in future versions of the driver.

    The MongoDB Rust driver requires Rust 1.43 or later.

    For more information on how to read the compatibility tables, see our guide on MongoDB Compatibility Tables.

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