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New features of the 4.3 Java driver release include:

  • Added support for MongoDB Versioned API. For more information, see our Versioned API guide.
  • Added support for connection to MongoDB Atlas Serverless Instances. For more information on setup, see our documentation on how to Create a New Serverless Instance
  • Added a builder API for the setWindowFields pipeline stage to allow the use of window operators
  • Added support for setting Netty io.netty.handler.ssl.SslContext
  • Added support for snapshot reads to ClientSession
  • Limited the rate of establishing new connections per connection pool
  • Removed most restrictions on allowed characters in the field names of documents you insert or replace. This is a behavioral change for any application that is relying on client-side enforcement of these restrictions.

The following table shows the restriction status on allowed characters in the field names of documents:

Insert and Replace
Removed restrictions on field names containing this character.
Removed restrictions on field names starting with this character.
Removed restrictions in nested documents on field names containing this character.
Kept restrictions in top-level documents on field names starting with this character. This prevents accidental use of a replace operation when the intention was to use an update operation.

Unacknowledged writes using dollar-prefixed or dotted keys may be silently rejected by pre-5.0 servers, where some restrictions on field names are still enforced in the server.

New features of the 4.2 Java driver release include:

  • Added Azure and GCP key stores to client-side field level encryption
  • Added Kerberos caching tickets for reuse in multiple authentication requests- Added MongoClients instances with MongoClientSettings or ConnectionString as the configuration
  • Use of the explain() method on find and aggregate commands
  • Added a JsonObject class to make encoding from and decoding to JSON more efficient by avoiding an intermediate Map representation
  • Added a BsonRepresentation annotation that allows you to represent the``ObjectId`` BSON values as a String in POJO classes
  • Added a Filters.empty() method

There are breaking changes that may affect your application. See the Upgrading Guide for more information.

New features of the 4.1 Java driver release include:

  • Significant reduction in client-perceived failover times during planned maintenance events
  • The update() and delete() methods now support index hints
  • The find() method supports allowDiskUse() for sorts that require too much memory to execute in RAM
  • Added support for the MONGODB-AWS authentication mechanism using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials
  • Authentication requires fewer round trips to the server, resulting in faster connection setup

This release adds no new features.

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