Prepare Your S3 Bucket

Estimated completion time: 10 minutes

Before creating your first Data Lake, you must first create and load an S3 bucket with sample data. This part of the tutorial walks you through preparing your S3 bucket.


To complete this part of the tutorial, you will need an AWS account.



Download the following sample dataset:


Log in to the AWS Console and navigate to the S3 service.

Once you're logged in to AWS :

  1. Click the Services dropdown menu on the upper left-hand side of the console.
  2. Under Storage, select S3.

Create a new bucket for the sample data.

To ensure that you only query the provided sample data, create a new S3 bucket:

  1. Click Create Bucket.
  2. Fill in a Bucket name.
  3. Select the desired Region.
  4. Click Create.

Upload the sample dataset.

  1. Click the newly created bucket's name to navigate to the bucket.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. Drag and drop the following files into the modal. Alternatively, click Add files and use your file explorer to locate the following files:

    • listingsAndReviews.json
    • data.json
  4. Click Upload.

Verify the bucket.

Verify that the bucket contains the following files:

  • listingsAndReviews.json
  • data.json

Next Steps

Now that your S3 bucket is loaded with sample data, proceed to Deploy a Data Lake.