Connect to Your Data Lake

Estimated completion time: 15 minutes

This part of the tutorial will walk you through connecting to your Data Lake using the mongo shell.

To complete this part of the tutorial, you will need to have completed the following:

Connecting to your Data Lake depends on whether you have the mongo shell installed:


Click the Connect button for your Data Lake.


You must use Mongo Shell v3.6 or later to connect to your Data Lake.


This is a unique connection string specific to your Atlas cluster. Atlas replaces the username of the connection string with the username of the database user you created earlier in this procedure.


You will be prompted to enter the password you specified when you created your database user in Atlas.

You should now be connected to your Atlas cluster within the mongo shell.

Connection Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble connecting to your cluster, double check that you have added your IP address to your IP Access List and that you are specifying the correct database user credentials. If you have forgotten your database user credentials, you can always create a new database user.


Only one user can authenticate on a connection to a Data Lake at any given time. If a user authenticates and then runs the db.auth() command, Data Lake replaces previous user's permissions with the new user's permissions.

The connectionStatus command shows only the newly authenticated user in the authenticatedUsers output field.

Now that you're connected to your Data Lake, proceed to Verify Your Database and Collections.

Screenshot of the deployed Data Lake at this point.
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