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Data Lake Limitations

Atlas Data Lake supports the following Amazon S3 storage classes only:

Atlas Data Lake routes your Data Lake requests through one of the following regions only:

Data Lake Regions
AWS Regions
Northern Virginia, North America
Oregon, North America
Ireland, Europe
London, Europe
Frankfurt, Europe
Mumbai, Asia
Sydney, Australia

Data Lake does not support the following features:

  • Creating Indexes
  • Monitoring Data Lakes with Atlas monitoring tools
  • Creating a Data Lake with S3 buckets from more than one AWS account
  • Assigning Atlas temporary users permission to query a Data Lake
  • Querying documents larger than 16MB
  • Adding IP addresses associated with your Data Lakes to your Atlas project's IP access list
  • Assigning Atlas read-only access to your AWS account with AWS security groups
  • Returning more than 100 collections for wildcard collections
  • Returning documents in the same order across queries unless imposed by the query operators used
  • Having more than 60 guaranteed simultaneous connections per region to a Data Lake
  • Running more than 30 simultaneous queries on your Data Lake


    If your aggregation pipeline only contains the $currentOp stage, Atlas Data Lake doesn't enforce the limit on the maximum number of simultaneous queries. You can run queries that only contain the $currentOp stage even after you reach the maximum number of simultaneous queries.

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