Deploy a Data Lake for an Atlas Cluster Data Store

This page describes how to deploy a Data Lake for accessing data in an Atlas cluster.

Before you begin, you will need to:

  • Create a MongoDB Atlas account, if you do not have one already.
  • Create an M10 or higher Atlas Cluster, if you do not have one already.


    To use your Atlas cluster as a data store, you must:

    • Deploy it to AWS . Atlas Data Lake does not support Atlas clusters deployed to other cloud providers as data stores.
    • Deploy it to the same project as your Data Lake.
  • Add data to at least one collection on your Atlas cluster if you have not already.
  • For your first Data Lake, click Create a Data Lake.
  • For your subsequent Data Lakes, click Configure a New Data Lake.
  • For a guided experience, click Visual Editor.
  • To edit the raw JSON , click JSON Editor.

If you are using the Visual Editor:

  1. Click Connect Data to choose your data store.
  2. Click Atlas Cluster to configure a Data Lake for data in an Atlas cluster.

    Corresponds to stores.[n].provider JSON configuration setting.

  3. Specify the Atlas cluster that you want to use as a data store in the Provide Namespaces in this project section. To specify, select the cluster from the dropdown.

    Corresponds to stores.[n].clusterName JSON configuration setting.

  4. Expand the databases and select the collections that you want to add to your data lake.


    To filter the databases and collections, enter text into the Search database or collection field. The dialog displays only databases and collections with names that match your search criteria.

    Corresponds to the databases.[n].collections.[n].dataSources.[n].database and databases.[n].collections.[n].dataSources.[n].collection JSON configuration settings.

  5. Click Next.
  1. (Optional) Click the for the:

    • Data Lake to specify a name for your Data Lake. Defaults to Data Lake[n].
    • Database to edit the database name. Defaults to Database[n].

      Corresponds to databases.[n].name JSON configuration setting.

    • Collection to edit the collection name. Defaults to Collection[n].

      Corresponds to databases.[n] JSON configuration setting.

    You can click:

    • Create Database to add databases and collections.
    • associated with the database to add collections to the database.
    • associated with the database or collection to remove the database or collection.
  2. Drag and drop the data store to map with the collection.

    Corresponds to databases.[n].collections.[n].dataSources JSON configuration setting.

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