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Terminate a Running Data Lake Query

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You can terminate long-running queries using the killOp command. For more information, see killOp. In Atlas Data Lake:

  • The op parameter value is an ObjectId.
  • The comment parameter is not supported.

Only the user who issued the query can terminate the query. To run this command, use db.runCommand(). You must run killOp against the admin database.

db.runCommand({ "killOp": 1, "op": ObjectId(<hexadecimal>) })
Unique identifier, in ObjectId format, of the operation to terminate. You can use $currentOp to retrieve the opid of the operation to terminate.

killOp returns the following if it succeeds in marking the specified operation for termination:

{ "info" : "attempting to kill op", "ok" : 1 }

Note that the output is the same whether or not the operation being terminated is currently running. You can use $currentOp to verify that the operation was terminated.

For the example below, suppose a query with opid value of ObjectId("1635fad364c529820c6f9e76") is running. The following command terminates this query.

use admin
db.runCommand({ "killOp": 1, "op": ObjectId("1635fad364c529820c6f9e76") })

The previous command returns the following:

{ "info" : "attempting to kill op", "ok" : 1 }
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