This is an upcoming (i.e. in progress) version of the 4.4 MongoDB Database Tools Documentation.

See the MongoDB 4.2 Manual for documentation on the 4.2 database tools

Installation and Compatibility


The MongoDB Database Tools are command-line utilities for working with MongoDB. Use this guide to install the Database Tools on your platform.


Starting with MongoDB 4.4, the MongoDB Database Tools are now released separately from the MongoDB Server and use their own versioning, with an initial version of 100. Previously, these tools were released alongside the MongoDB Server and used matching versioning.

For documentation on the MongoDB 4.2 or earlier versions of these tools, reference the MongoDB Server Documentation for that version of the tool:

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MongoDB Server Compatibility

MongoDB Database Tools version 100 supports the following versions of the MongoDB server:

  • MongoDB 4.4
  • MongoDB 4.2
  • MongoDB 4.0
  • MongoDB 3.6

While the tools may work on earlier versions of MongoDB server, any such compatibility is not guaranteed.

Platform Support

The MongoDB Database Tools version 100 are supported on the following platforms:

  x86_64 ARM64 PPC64LE s390x
Amazon 2      
Amazon 2013.03+      
Debian 10      
Debian 9      
Debian 8      
RHEL / CentOS 8    
RHEL / CentOS 7  
RHEL / CentOS 6    
SUSE 12      
Ubuntu 20      
Ubuntu 18
Ubuntu 16
Windows 8 and later      
Windows Server 2012 and later      
macOS 10.12 or later      


The MongoDB Database Tools can be installed with the MongoDB Server on Linux platforms, or as a standalone installation on all platforms.

Install with Server - Linux Platforms

To install the MongoDB Database Tools as part of a MongoDB Server installation on Linux, you must use your Linux distribution’s package manager to install the Server:

If you wish to install the Database Tools via your Linux package manager without installing the Server, see Install as Standalone - Linux Package Manager.

Install as Standalone - All Platforms

To install the MongoDB Database Tools as a standalone installation, for all supported platforms:

  • Follow the download link for your MongoDB Edition:

  • Select your OS (operating system) from the dropdown menu, then select the appropriate Package for your platform according to the following chart:

    OS Package
    Linux TGZ package
    Windows ZIP package
    macOS TGZ package
  • Once downloaded, unpack the archive and copy the tools to a location on your hard drive.


    Linux and macOS users may wish to copy the tools to a filesystem location that is defined in the $PATH environment variable, such as /usr/bin. Doing so allows referencing each tool directly on the command line by name, without needing to specify its full path, or first navigating to its parent directory. See the installation guide for your platform for more information.

Install as Standalone - Linux Package Manager

Linux users may alternatively choose to install the Database Tools using their system’s package manager (e.g. yum or apt) separately from the Server. To do so, follow the installation guide for your platform, specifying mongodb-database-tools instead of mongodb-org or mongodb-enterprise during the installation step.