The MongoDB Database Tools Documentation

The MongoDB Database Tools are a collection of command-line utilities for working with a MongoDB deployment. The Database Tools include the following binaries:

Binary Import / Export  
    mongodump Creates a binary export of the contents of a mongod database.
    mongorestore Restores data from a mongodump database dump into a mongod or mongos
    bsondump Converts BSON dump files into JSON.
Data Import / Export  
    mongoimport Imports content from an Extended JSON, CSV, or TSV export file.
    mongoexport Produces a JSON or CSV export of data stored in a mongod instance.
Diagnostic Tools  
    mongostat Provides a quick overview of the status of a currently running mongod or mongos instance.
    mongotop Provides an overview of the time a mongod instance spends reading and writing data.
GridFS Tools  
    mongofiles Supports manipulating files stored in your MongoDB instance in GridFS objects.


Starting with MongoDB 4.4, the MongoDB Database Tools are now released separately from the MongoDB Server and use their own versioning, with an initial version of 100.0.0. Previously, these tools were released alongside the MongoDB Server and used matching versioning.

For documentation on the MongoDB 4.2 or earlier versions of these tools, reference the MongoDB Server Documentation for that version of the tool:

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