View Documents

The Documents tab provides three ways to access documents:

List View
The default document view. Documents are shown as individual members of a list. In this view you can easily expand embedded objects and arrays.
JSON View (New in Compass 1.20)
Documents are shown as properly-formatted JSON objects. In this view Compass uses extended JSON to display the data types of fields where appropriate.
Table View
Shows documents as rows of a table, with document fields shown in the table columns. With this view, you can more easily see which documents contain specific field values.

Use the View buttons to select which view you would like to use:

View Selection Highlight

Documents list view

To toggle the expansion of embedded objects and array elements, hover over the target document and click the arrow in the top-left corner.

Expand embedded objects list

To copy a document to your clipboard, hover over the document and click the Copy icon:

Copy Document from List View

Compass obscures document fields encrypted with Field-Level Encryption (FLE). Compass displays the values of these fields as a series of asterisks. You cannot modify the value of a field encrypted with FLE .

Encrypted field in list view
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