Limit the Number of Returned Documents

If the query bar has the Limit option, you can specify the maximum number of documents to return.

Set Documents to Return

To specify the limit:

  1. In the Query Bar, click Options.

  2. Enter an integer representing the number of documents to return into the Limit field.

  3. Click Find to run the query and view the updated results.

Clear the Query

To clear the query bar and the results of the query, click Reset.

To Learn More

See the limit entry in the MongoDB Manual.

How Does the Compass Query Compare to MongoDB and SQL Queries?

$skip corresponds to the LIMIT ... clause in a SQL SELECT statement.


You have 3,235 articles. You would like to see a list of the first 10 articles.

SELECT * FROM article
MongoDB Aggregation
  { $limit : 10 }
Compass Limit Option
$limit : 10