Interact with Your Data

    Try Compass with Sample Data

    MongoDB Atlas is a cloud-hosted database-as-a-service that provides free sample datasets for your clusters. You can use Compass to explore and interact with these sample datasets.

    Learn how to create and manage databases in your deployment.
    Learn how to manage collections in your databases.
    Learn how to manage views in your databases. Views are read-only results of an aggregation run against a collection.
    Manage Documents
    Learn how to manage documents in your collections.
    Query Your Data
    Learn how to query your data to return data that matches a specified criteria.
    Manage Indexes
    Learn how to create indexes to improve query performance.
    Analyze Your Data Schema
    Learn how to analyze your data schema and shape of the fields in a particular collection.
    Set Validation Rules for Your Schema
    Learn how to ensure that all documents in a collection follow a defined set of rules.
    Learn how Compass samples documents to provide insights about a collection.
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