Resources to Learn and Explore MongoDB

The following sections outline methods to learn MongoDB basics and best practices.

Free MongoDB Courses Online

To help you get started with MongoDB Compass and the MongoDB database, see the MongoDB University course M001. This course provides access to a student cluster for learning about MongoDB.

If you are looking to learn more about MongoDB technologies, there are other available courses to help you along the way. All courses are available at no charge. In the course catalog, you will find courses on:

Free MongoDB Cluster for Learning and Testing

If you would like to use a hosted instance of MongoDB rather than set up a local server, you can set up a free M0 cluster on Atlas, MongoDB’s hosted database as a service. The M0 tier cluster is ideal for learning and testing.

Once the cluster is set up, you can use the Connect button in the Atlas interface to obtain the correct Compass connection settings for your cluster. Fill in the Compass connection form with your settings to connect to your cluster.

MongoDB Server Installation

To install and run MongoDB using your own network services, you can use the following tutorials to get a MongoDB database server up and running:

Resources and Documentation

Resource Description
MongoDB Architecture Guide Starting point to get an overview of the MongoDB database.
MongoDB Blog Provides timely updates on new products, features and best practices for getting the most out of the MongoDB platform.
Resource Center Contains presentations, white papers and webinars covering all aspects of the MongoDB database and associated products.
Database Server Documentation Contains information about installing, configuring and maintaining the database, as well as in depth information on the query language.

MongoDB Community Forums

The MongoDB Community Forums is a central place to connect with other MongoDB users in your community, ask questions, and get answers.

MongoDB User Groups

MongoDB User Groups (MUGs) are local communities of developers who work together to learn from one another about MongoDB best practices, network, and have fun. To find a MongoDB User Group in your area, see MongoDB User Groups on MeetUp.

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