Compass Home

The Compass Home screen provides details regarding the MongoDB instance to which Compass is connected, including:

  • The connection name if the connection is a favorite connection, or “My Cluster” otherwise.
  • The deployment type (standalone, replica set, sharded cluster). If the deployment is a replica set and the replica set name is specified in the connection window, the number of replica set members will also be displayed.
  • The hostname and port, as well as the version of MongoDB.
  • A list of the instance’s databases.
  • Performance statistics, including memory usage, operation counts, and slowest operations. (Not Available in Compass Community Edition)
Compass Home View

Once connected to a MongoDB instance, you can reach the Compass Home screen by clicking the Home icon in the upper left corner.

Databases Tab

The Databases tab of the Home screen shows a list of all the databases on the current connection, with each one’s storage size, number of collections, and number of indexes. For more information about the Databases tab and instructions on viewing a database, see Databases.

Performance Tab

The Performance tab provides real-time server performance statistics and graphs, showing insights such as:

  • Which database collections receive the most operations
  • Which operations take the longest to execute
  • Memory utilization

For more information about the Performance tab, see Performance.