Install Compass


MongoDB Compass works with MongoDB Server version 3.0 and higher, both Enterprise and Community editions. It runs on 64-bit versions of Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu 14.04+ and RHEL 7+.

Software requirements to run Compass are listed below:

Platform Mac OS X Windows Linux
Supported? check circle icon check circle icon check circle icon
OS Version 10.10 and above (64-bit) 7 and above (64-bit)
Ubuntu 14.04+
RHEL 7+ (64-bit)



As of MongoDB Server version 3.6, MongoDB packages a platform-specific Compass installation script with MongoDB Server downloads. For details, see the install_compass script documentation.

Open the downloads page and download the latest version of MongoDB Compass for OS X. The package downloads as a .dmg disk image. Once you have downloaded Compass, click on the .dmg file to open the disk image within the OS X Finder. Drag the MongoDB Compass application to your Applications folder and unmount the disk image.


Launch Compass by clicking on it from within the Applications folder. Upon launch you will see the following dialog:


Click Open to continue and launch Compass.


Depending on your system’s security settings, you may have to modify your system settings to grant Compass permissions to run. You may be prompted to enter your system password before launching Compass.


The Windows installation of MongoDB Compass requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5 or later. The Compass installer prompts you to install the minimum required version of the .NET framework if it is not already installed on your system.

The MongoDB Compass setup application is available as an .exe executable file. Open the downloads page and download the latest version of MongoDB Compass for Windows.

Once you have downloaded the executable, run the file to begin the setup process, which installs Compass. The executable file always installs Compass to the following path:

C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\<MongoDB Compass Edition>\

Once installed, Compass launches automatically and prompts you to configure privacy settings and specify update preferences.

Download and Install from the MongoDB Downloads Page

To install MongoDB Compass on Ubuntu, download the latest Compass package for Ubuntu from the downloads page. Double click on the .deb package to open the package using Ubuntu Software. Click Install.


Once installed, launch Compass from your Applications folder.

Download and Install Using the Terminal

You can also download and install MongoDB Compass via the terminal:

  1. Download the package:

  2. Install Compass:

    sudo dpkg -i mongodb-compass_1.15.1_amd64.deb;
  3. Start Compass:


To download and install MongoDB Compass on Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

  1. Download the package:

  2. Install Compass:

    sudo yum install mongodb-compass-1.15.1.x86_64.rpm;
  3. Start Compass:


Compass Firewall Requirements

Certain features of MongoDB Compass, such as third-party mapping services and Intercom, require inbound connections from external sources to function. In some instances, users have reported issues with their system firewall blocking these network requests and thereby limiting MongoDB Compass functionalities. To fix this issue, configure your system firewall to allow incoming connections for MongoDB Compass.


Ensure ports 80 and 443 are open between MongoDB Compass and the host for the MongoDB Instance to which Compass connects.


Compass Isolated Edition restricts network requests to only the MongoDB server chosen on the Connect screen. All other outbound connections are not permitted in this edition, meaning no additional firewall configuration is required when running Compass Isolated Edition.