Required AccessΒΆ

MongoDB Compass users require specific privileges to access various Compass features if authentication/authorization is enforced on the connected MongoDB instance.

The following table lists the privileges required to access the features as well as the built-in roles that can provide these privileges:

Compass View Capability Privilege(s) MongoDB Built-In Role
Home/MongoDB Instance View performance clusterMonitor
Database Create a Database createCollection readWrite
Database Drop a Database dropDatabase dbAdmin
Collection Create a Collection createCollection readWrite
Collection Drop a Collection dropCollection readWrite
Schema Query/View a Schema find read
Documents Query/View a Document find read
Documents Clone, insert, update, delete a document readWrite
Indexes View an index listIndexes read
Indexes Create, drop an index readWrite
Explain Plan Query/View a query plan find read
Validation View rules listCollections read
Validation Update rules collMod dbAdmin


The built-in roles may provide more access than required. You can also create a User-Defined Roles to grant specific privileges.