MongoDB Compass


MongoDB Compass is available in the following editions

  • Compass
  • Compass Community Edition
  • Compass Readonly Edition (New in version 1.12.0)
  • Compass Isolated Edition (New in version 1.14.0)

Each MongoDB Compass edition is available in both a General Availability and a Beta version. To download any available version, go to the MongoDB Download Center.

MongoDB Compass allows users to easily analyze and understand the contents of their data collections within MongoDB and perform queries, without requiring knowledge of MongoDB query syntax.

MongoDB Compass provides users with a graphical view of their MongoDB schema by randomly sampling a subset of documents from the collection. Sampling documents minimizes performance impact on the database and can produce results quickly. See the FAQ for further information on sampling.

Compass and Compass Community Editions

Both Compass and Compass Community provide the ability to:

  • View, add, and delete databases and collections
  • View and interact with documents with full CRUD functionality
  • Build and run ad hoc queries
  • View and optimize query performance with visual explain plans
  • Manage indexes: view stats, create, and delete
  • Create and execute aggregation pipelines

Compass provides the following features not in the Community edition:

Compass Readonly Edition

New in version 1.12.0

A read-only version of MongoDB Compass is available which provides the ability to limit certain CRUD operations within your organization. In this version, users are limited strictly to read operations within MongoDB.

For example, Compass Readonly Edition provides the ability to:

The following actions are not permitted in Compass Readonly Edition:

  • Create and drop databases
  • Create and drop collections
  • Create, delete, edit and clone documents
  • Create and drop indexes
  • Create, delete and edit document validation rules

All other functionality remains the same as in standard MongoDB Compass.

For more information on user permissions and roles in MongoDB, see Manage Users and Roles.

Compass Isolated Edition

New in version 1.14.0

Compass Isolated Edition restricts network requests to TLS-encrypted TCP connections to the server chosen on the Connect screen. All other outbound connections are not permitted in this edition.

The following features are not available in Compass Isolated Edition:

  • Automatic updates
  • Telemetry data collection via Stitch
  • Map rendering in the Schema view via third party services
  • Intercom
  • Error collection and crash reporting