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Interact with Charts on a Dashboard

Click to Emphasize Series

Chart viewers can interact with a chart to highlight one or more series in a multi-series chart. This behavior applies to any chart type that displays a discrete color legend, except for geospatial charts. The following chart types support emphasizing specific series:

Emphasize a Single Series

When you click a label in the chart legend at the top right, Charts emphasizes the selected data series by reducing the opacity of all the other data series.

Emphasize single data series

Emphasize Multiple Data Series

To emphasize multiple data series at once, shift-click as many labels in the legend as you would like. Charts adjusts the opacity of the selected data series from de-emphasized to emphasized.

Emphasize multiple data series

Emphasize all Data Series

To restore the opacity of all data series to the default emphasized state, click the chart background.

Emphasize all data series

Zoom and Pan a Scatter Chart

Chart viewers can zoom and pan a non-geospatial scatter chart.


To zoom in or out of the chart, scroll up or down. Charts automatically adjusts the axis bounds to change the viewport, while keeping the plotted points the same size.

The resulting view after zooming and panning is only visible to you and does not persist page reloads. To revert back to the original axis bounds, reload the chart page.


To pan the chart, click and drag over the chart surface.