This documentation refers to the MongoDB Charts service in MongoDB Atlas. Read the on-premises documentation to learn how to use the MongoDB Charts on site.

Admin Settings

To access the Admin Settings page, you must be an Atlas Project Owner. If you have the Project Owner role, the Admin Settings link appears in the top right corner of the Charts UI.


The Usage panel of the Admin Settings shows the data usage of your MongoDB Charts instance over the current month.

The panel displays the following metrics:

Metric Description
Total Data Usage Total data usage in GB that your Charts instance has consumed over the current month.
Free Tier Remaining Amount of data in GB that your Charts instance can still use this month for free. If you exceed this amount, your Charts instance starts incurring charges.
Days Remaining Days remaining in the current month, after which the usage cycle resets.

MongoDB provides a free 1 GB of data transfers per month. Nearly all Charts use cases should fall within this 1 GB free tier. For more information on MongoDB Charts pricing and sample pricing scenarios, see Charts on Atlas Pricing.

Embedding Key Generation

Embedding keys are necessary for verified signature generation, and are used in conjunction with embedded charts. To generate a new embedding key, click the Generate New Key button on the right side of the page.


If you generate a new key, any previous keys become invalid. Ensure that all the existing embedded charts that use the old key are updated to use the new key.

Generate a new embedding key