Welcome Experience

The Welcome Experience guides you through possible ways of beginning your use of MongoDB Charts. New Charts users or users who have not previously used dashboards in Charts are prompted to walk through the Welcome Experience. Refer to the following sections for information on the possible paths that the Welcome Experience offers:

Connect Your Data Sources

Use the Connect Your Data path to connect your existing Atlas clusters to MongoDB Charts and visualize your data.

Requirements & Limitations

  • You must have an existing Atlas cluster. If you do not have an existing Atlas cluster, you can Explore Charts with Sample Data.
  • You must have read access in your project role to connect Charts to your data. To learn more about Atlas project roles, see Atlas Project Roles


Once you have selected Connect Your Data:


Select a cluster.

Connect a cluster from your list of available clusters and click Next.


Select one or more collections to add as Data Sources.

Data sources in MongoDB Charts reference a collection or view in your MongoDB deployment. The fields in that collection or view can be used to construct a chart. When building a chart, you will need to specify the data source that the chart uses.


Charts directs you to the Data Sources page.

From there, you can add pipelines and adjust access permissions for your data sources.


You are free to explore Dashboards and create charts.

Explore with Sample Data

MongoDB Charts provides a Sample Dashboard that uses movie data to show examples of possible charts you can create. You can also use the sample data source to create your own charts on other dashboards.



Select the Explore with Sample Data option in the Welcome Experience.


MongoDB Charts redirects you to the Dashboards page where you will find the Sample Dashboard.

Click the Sample Dashboard to see the example charts created from the sample movie data. You have Owner permissions on your sample dashboard, meaning you can add, edit, and delete the charts it contains.


If you remove the Sample Dashboard, you can add it back through the Charts Settings page.

Skip to Shared Data Sources or Dashboards

If you have already been granted access to data sources or dashboards prior to completing the welcome experience, you can bypass the welcome experience and immediately begin viewing your shared data sources and dashboards.

To exit the welcome experience and begin exploring your shared data sources and dashboards, click Skip selection and view at the bottom of the welcome experience view.