This documentation refers to the MongoDB Charts service in MongoDB Atlas. Read the on-premises documentation to learn how to use the MongoDB Charts on site.

Data Source Permissions

Data source permissions dictate which actions users in your Atlas project can perform on the data source. You can also set data source permissions to make a data source only visible to a subset of users.

Atlas automatically grants data source permissions based on a user’s Atlas role. You must manually grant permissions to users with the Project Read Only Atlas role to allow those users to view charts which use a particular data source.

The following table describes the data source permission levels:

Permission Description

Can view any chart on a dashboard that uses the data source. You can grant this permission to specific users or everyone in the Atlas project for the given data source.

Data source Viewers cannot see the data source in the Data Sources list, or in the Data Source dropdown in the Chart Builder.


Inherits all actions from Viewer and can also create and edit charts using the data source.

Users who have one of the following Atlas roles automatically have the Author permission on all data sources:

  • Project Data Access Read Only
  • Project Data Access Read / Write
  • Project Data Access Admin


If you create a data source and do not have the Project Owner Atlas role, you will not be an Owner of that data source. The Owner data source permission is reserved for users with the Project Owner Atlas role.


Inherits all permissions from Author and can also manage all aspects of the data source.

Users with the Project Owner Atlas role automatically have the Owner permission on all data sources.

Modify Data Source Authors and Owners

Atlas automatically assigns data source permissions to users based on their Atlas roles. As such, to modify data source Authors and Owners, you must do so through the Atlas Access Management page.

To access the Atlas Access Management:

  1. Click Atlas at the top-left of Charts to return to your Atlas Clusters view.
  2. Click Access Management in the left navigation.
  3. Click Edit Permissions for a user whose permissions you wish to change.
  4. Select new permission levels in the dropdown.
  5. Click the check mark to save your changes.

View Data Source Permissions

To view permissions for a specific data source, navigate to the Data Sources tab and hover over the data source’s Access button. A tooltip describing the data source permissions will appear. The tooltip displays your permissions, the owner of the data source, and all other users who have access.

The following table lists the possible icons and their associated permissions:

Icon Description
globe icon Globe Icon You have either Author or Owner permission and Everyone in your Atlas project has some level of access to the data source.
users icon Group Icon You have either Author or Owner permission and additional users have Viewer permission on the data source.
lock icon Lock Icon You have Owner permission and no other user has access.

Set Data Source Permissions

If you are a data source Owner, you can:

Refer to the following sections for instructions on granting specific users permissions on a data source and granting all users in your Atlas project permissions on a data source:

Specific User Access


You can only share data sources with users who are members of the Atlas project associated with your Charts instance.

To grant specific users with the Project Read Only Atlas role permission to view charts which use your data source:

  1. Search for the desired user using the search bar directly above where the data source users are listed. You can search for users by their username or email address.
  2. Click the desired user to add them to the permissions list.
  3. Repeat steps 1-3 for each user you wish to grant data source access.

To remove access for a user you have added, click the trash can icon to the right of the user’s name.

Access for All Users

You can the grant the Viewer permission to all users with the Project Read Only Atlas role. This allows all users to view any chart on a dashboard that uses that data source.

To grant all users the Viewer permission, toggle the switch on the right-side of the Everyone in <Project Name> user to On.


If you enable the Viewer permission for everyone in your project, a user’s specific permissions take precedence over the permissions set to Everyone.

For example, if you grant Viewer to all users and the Author permission to a user named Alice, Alice’s effective permission level is Author.