Sort and Resize Data Table Columns

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Users with the viewer and author roles on data tables can sort and resize data table columns. You can sort and resize columns either in the dashboard or the Chart Builder.


When a viewer or author sorts or resizes columns from the dashboard view, the changes do not persist as part of the chart definition. In this case, the chart returns to its original state once the chart or corresponding dashboard is refreshed.

To save the changes as part of the chart definition, an author must make the changes in the Chart Builder. All Charts users will see the new column sorting and sizing.


Sort Columns

To sort a data table column, click on its header. With each click, MongoDB Charts cycles between sorting the column in ascending order, descending order, and the default chart sorting order.

To sort by multiple columns, Shift + Click on the additional columns by which you wish to sort. Charts applies the sort order in the same order you select additional columns. Charts displays numbers in the column headers indicating the order in which the sorting is applied.

Resize Columns

To resize a column, click the the column divider and drag until the column reaches the desired width.

To return a column to its default width, double-click on the column divider.