This documentation refers to the on-premises edition of MongoDB Charts beta. Read the Atlas service documentation to learn how to use MongoDB Charts beta with your Atlas project.

Release Notes

MongoDB Charts v0.12.0

Released February 7, 2019

New Features

  • New default sort behavior in charts. By default, charts now sort by aggregated value, instead of by category name.
  • New filter bar in the chart builder, with increased performance and usability.

Bug Fixes

  • Filter parsing now better aligns with MongoDB Shell syntax, specifically with respect to dates.

    • The Date() function now correctly returns the date as a string representation. As a result, the following usages of Date in filters are no longer valid:


      Instead, you must either use new when using Date:

      // return the current date
      new Date()
      // return a specific date
      new Date("2019-01-01")

      Or use ISODate():

      // return the current date
      // return a specific date

      For additional examples, refer to the Filter Documents page.

  • You can now successfully access MongoDB Charts when it is running on non-standard ports or with an SSL termination appliance in front of it. This was possible in the v0.10.0 release, but failed in the v0.11.0 release.

  • Fixed rendering issues in certain browser versions relating to the continuous color picker in the Chart Customization options.

  • Miscellaneous performance, reliability, and security improvements.

MongoDB Charts v0.11.0

Released January 15, 2019

New Features

  • Chart Customization
    • Change axis labels
    • Change number formats
    • Change data formats
    • Convert time zones
    • Change color palettes
    • Show/hide data labels
    • Show/hide data points
    • Change axis range
    • Set logarithmic scale on axes
  • New Chart Types
    • Data Table
    • 100% Stacked Bar
    • 100% Stacked Column
    • 100% Stacked Area
  • New Dashboard Features
    • Zoom into charts
    • Rich tooltips on charts
    • Move charts between dashboards

Bug Fixes

  • Charts now render correctly when the same field is mapped to multiple encoding channels.
  • Sessions automatically refresh in Microsoft Edge.
  • Prevent dashboard layout corruption when the dashboard is open in multiple browsers.
  • $count aggregations no longer count documents where the field does not exist.
  • Improved performance when loading dashboards.
  • Dates now render correctly on Scatter charts.
  • Properly parse URIs in Docker Secrets created by Windows Command Prompt.

MongoDB Charts v0.10.0

Released August 20, 2018

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Ability to add Data Sources from databases with names containing special characters.
  • Prevent crash when entering a filter prior to choosing a Data Source in the Chart Builder.
  • Ability to use the multiple fields from an embedded array in the same chart.
  • Strip out extra quotes in MongoDB URI added by Windows echo command during install procedure.
  • Miscellaneous styling and usability improvements.

MongoDB Charts v0.9.0

Released June 27, 2018

Initial public beta release of MongoDB Charts.