This documentation refers to the on-premises edition of MongoDB Charts. Read the Atlas service documentation to learn how to use MongoDB Charts with your Atlas project.

Toggle Data Table Row and Column Totals

By default, data tables include a Column Totals row, which consists of a row of values with sum totals for each column. Optionally, you can enable a Row Totals column, which consists of a column of values containing sum totals for each row.

The following image shows a detail from a data table with row and column totals enabled and added text indicating which is which:

Data table with row and column totals


To toggle the totals on and off:

  1. Navigate to the Customization tab in the Chart Builder.
  2. In the General Customization section, set the Column Totals and Row Totals toggles to the desired settings.

For a complete list of Chart Customization options, see Customize Charts.