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Released July 29, 2020

  • Updates base Docker OS image to address identified vulnerabilities.

Released December 16, 2019

Released December 10, 2019

  • 100% stacked charts now show a percentage scale on the axis.
  • Prevents multiple data source samples from running at once when quickly switching data source in the Chart Builder.
  • Tables with a large number of dynamic columns now return an error instead of hanging the browser.
  • Dashboards can now be scrolled using devices that support touch-screen feature.
  • The existence of value and count of occurences array reductions now succeed even if some documents have null or missing values.
  • Legends on donut charts should no longer overlap with the donut.
  • Long category names are now truncated, maximizing space for the chart.
  • Improved error handling for queries with mismatched brackets.
  • Embedded charts no longer go blank while refreshing.
  • Performing a new operation in the Chart Builder now cancels previous operations, preventing the chance of multiple responses coming back in an unexpected order.
  • Table row totals correctly display at the far right of the table at all times.
  • Encoding cards can now be more reliably swapped across chart channels.
  • Singapore is now shown on Choropleth maps using the Countries and Regions scheme.
  • Choropleth tooltips are now shown on the largest land mass of a region.
  • String Filter card now correctly shows sample values from arrays of documents.
  • Null values in chart categories now show as null, not 0.
  • Improves rendering of dates on continuous chart axes.
  • Ellipsis menu is now accessible for data sources at the bottom of the grid.
  • Miscellaneous performance, reliability and security improvements.

Released September 2, 2019

  • New option to specify an autorefresh interval for embedded charts.
  • New option to specify a custom filter for embedded charts using Verified Signature authentication.
  • New option to enable or disable thousands separators in numbers on charts.
  • Ability to enable and disable chart filters.
  • Ability to set preferred time zone when using an absolute date filter.
  • Visual refresh of the Chart Builder.
  • New design for Data Sources page.
  • New Data Source Name attribute replaces the Alias attribute.
  • Data Source owners can now add, edit, or remove an Aggregation Pipeline on a data source, including the ability to join multiple collections using $lookup.
  • Version detection to detect unsupported MongoDB versions or disable unsupported chart features.
  • Addressed various issues when building and rendering geospatial charts.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause charts to appear blank when refreshing large dashboards.
  • String Filter card shows a more complete set of sample values for large, indexed collections.
  • Support for .pem certificate files with private key appearing after the certificate.
  • Time zone conversions are now correct in Table chart types.
  • Support for queries using { $not: { $regex: … } } structure.
  • Miscellaneous performance, reliability and security improvements.
  • Security and reliability improvements.

Released July 5, 2019

  • Security and reliability improvements.

Released June 12, 2019

General Availability Release

  • Fixed bad rendering in some stacked area charts.
  • Fixed some cases where binned data could appear in the wrong order.
  • Automatic dashboard refresh should work more reliably after resuming from sleep.
  • Tooltips on area charts now show on hover over any part of the area, not just the data points.
  • Charts can now be configured to use metadata clusters with SSL client certificates.
  • Miscellaneous performance, reliability and security improvements.

Released February 7, 2019

  • New default sort behavior in charts. By default, charts now sort by aggregated value, instead of by category name.
  • New filter bar in the chart builder, with increased performance and usability.
  • Filter parsing now better aligns with MongoDB Shell syntax, specifically with respect to dates.

    • The Date() function now correctly returns the date as a string representation. As a result, the following usages of Date in filters are no longer valid in the query bar:


      Instead, you must either use new when using Date:

      // return the current date
      new Date()
      // return a specific date
      new Date("2019-01-01")

      Or use ISODate():

      // return the current date
      // return a specific date
  • You can now successfully access MongoDB Charts when it is running on non-standard ports or with an SSL termination appliance in front of it. This was possible in the v0.10.0 release, but failed in the v0.11.0 release.
  • Fixed rendering issues in certain browser versions relating to the continuous color picker in the Chart Customization options.
  • Miscellaneous performance, reliability, and security improvements.

Released January 15, 2019

  • Chart Customization

    • Change axis labels
    • Change number formats
    • Change data formats
    • Convert time zones
    • Change color palettes
    • Show/hide data labels
    • Show/hide data points
    • Change axis range
    • Set logarithmic scale on axes
  • New Chart Types

    • Data Table
    • 100% Stacked Bar
    • 100% Stacked Column
    • 100% Stacked Area
  • New Dashboard Features

    • Zoom into charts
    • Rich tooltips on charts
    • Move charts between dashboards
  • Charts now render correctly when the same field is mapped to multiple encoding channels.
  • Sessions automatically refresh in Microsoft Edge.
  • Prevent dashboard layout corruption when the dashboard is open in multiple browsers.
  • $count aggregations no longer count documents where the field does not exist.
  • Improved performance when loading dashboards.
  • Dates now render correctly on Scatter charts.
  • Properly parse URIs in Docker Secrets created by Windows Command Prompt.

Released August 20, 2018

  • Ability to add Data Sources from databases with names containing special characters.
  • Prevent crash when entering a filter prior to choosing a Data Source in the Chart Builder.
  • Ability to use the multiple fields from an embedded array in the same chart.
  • Strip out extra quotes in MongoDB URI added by Windows echo command during install procedure.
  • Miscellaneous styling and usability improvements.

Released June 27, 2018

Initial public beta release of MongoDB Charts.

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