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Embed Charts in Your Web Application

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As a dashboard Author, you can enable external sharing on your charts, allowing your visualizations to be embedded in external web sites or shared via links. You can either require a verified signature to accompany each data request, or allow anyone with the chart's identifying information to share it or embed it in a web page.


To view an embedded chart you must have network access to the MongoDB Charts server. If your on-premises deployment is behind a firewall, you may not be able to view embedded charts.

If you want strict control over who can embed your charts, use the Verified Signature Required option. If your data is non-sensitive and you prefer a simpler external sharing solution, use the Unauthenticated External Sharing option.


You can enable chart embedding with the verified signature required option even if you don't currently have an embedding key, but you'll need a key to generate a verified signature. If you have the UserAdmin role, you can generate an embedding key on the Admin Settings page. Otherwise, you must contact a UserAdmin and ask for an embedding key.

If an shared chart fails to render, an error code is displayed:

Error Code
Error Cause
Unknown error.
Invalid tenant ID. Check the tenant field in the iframe HTML and make sure it matches what you see in the Embed Chart modal window.
Item not found. Check the id field in the iframe HTML and make sure it matches what you see in the Embed Chart modal window.
Embedding not enabled. Check the settings in your chart's Embed Chart modal window.
Embedding not allowed. Check the embedding settings in your chart's data source.
Invalid payload. Your application server is not creating a usable signature.
Invalid autorefresh value specified. The autorefresh value must be an integer greater than 0.
Filter not allowed. When filtering an Unauthenticated embedded chart, the fields used in the filter must be present in the filter whitelist. Additionally, filters on both Unauthenticated and Verified Signature embedded charts cannot use non-logical operators before a field name (e.g., $expr, $where, or $text).
Filter not valid. A filter parameter contains an invalid value.
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