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Back Up and Restore Security Keys

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MongoDB Charts uses a number of keys and tokens to secure your deployment and encrypt sensitive data stored in the Charts metadata database. When you first deploy Charts, new random keys are automatically generated and saved to a Docker volume which persists the keys across container deployments.


If you want to redeploy Charts or move Charts to a new server, you will need to use the original keys in new deployments. If you deploy a new instance of Charts and point it to an existing Charts metadata database used by a previous deployment, the encryption keys will not match and the new instance of Charts will not be able to decrypt the metadata.

To prevent this from occurring, you should back up the encryption keys after the initial deployment and store them in a safe location. For a production Charts deployment you should also back up the data in the Charts metadata database using MongoDB backup methods.

To back up the keys, use the following commands to launch a temporary container that copies the key files from the Charts volume to a newly created directory on the host system:


Once the operation above completes, store the key in a secure location that is not on the Charts server.

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