Connect from Qlik Sense

This tutorial demonstrates how to connect to MongoDB Connector for BI using Qlik Sense.


New in version 2.2: The MongoDB Connector for BI now offers MySQL authentication plugins allowing you to connect with authentication or TLS/SSL.

There are two options for authenticating your connection:

  1. Use an authentication plugin with either the SCRAM-SHA-1 or PLAIN authentication mechanism.


    The use of TLS/SSL is recommended as:

    • The SCRAM-SHA-1 mechanism hashes the passwords in the client plugin. However, all other data is in cleartext.
    • The PLAIN mechanism sends the password in cleartext.

    See C Authentication Plugin or Install the JDBC Authentication Plugin for more information on the plugins.

  2. Provide cleartext credentials for simple username/password authentication against a MongoDB database. This method uses MySQL’s built-in mysql_clear_password plugin.


    Authentication with mysql_clear_password requires the use of TLS/SSL. See Connect from MySQL with Authentication and TLS/SSL for more information.

The MongoDB Connector for BI requires authentication when running with --auth. When the MongoDB Connector for BI receives a connection with authentication credentials from a client, it passes those credentials through to the underlying MongoDB instance.

You can specify the following authentication options after your username as URI-style query parameters:

Connection Option Description

Specify the name of the database which stores the user’s credentials. If you do not specify this option, the MongoDB Connector for BI will default to the current database associated with the MySQL connection.

For authentication mechanisms such as PLAIN (LDAP) that delegate credential storage to other services, set the source value to $external.


Specify the mechanism that the MongoDB Connector for BI should use to authenticate the connection. Accepted values include:

LDAP requires MongoDB Enterprise. Set the source to $external when using LDAP.


Neither Kerberos nor x.509 are supported.


To authenticate as user grace with the LDAP authentication mechanism, use the following username:


Connect from Qlik with Authentication Enabled


Create a System DSN (Data Source Name)

Follow the instructions in the Create a System DSN tutorial to create a Data Source Name for use with your connection to Qlik Sense.


Start Qlik Sense

Start the Qlik Sense desktop application.


Create a Connection to a MongoDB Database Using BI Connector

  1. Click Create a New App

  2. Give your app a name and open it.

  3. Click Add Data.

  4. Select ODBC from the list of data sources.

  5. In the Create New Connection window, select the ODBC data source you created in Step 1.

    Screenshot of Qlik list of data sources


    The username and password values you specified in your DSN override any values you enter in this dialog window, so you can leave those fields blank.

  6. The database and tables listed in your schema file should appear in your app’s overview.