Connect from MicroStrategy Desktop

You can use MicroStrategy Desktop to analyze a MongoDB database through the MongoDB Connector for BI.

New in version 2.2.

This tutorial is for version MicroStrategy Desktop version 10.11.


Start the MicroStrategy Desktop application by double-clicking on the application icon.

  1. Click the New Data button in the Datasets panel.
  2. Click the Databases icon in the Data Sources window.
  3. Select Select Tables from the popup window and click Next.

    Screenshot of MicroStrategy import options
  1. Click the plus icon next to the Data Sources text in the upper left corner of the window.
  2. Select the DSN Data Sources radio button.
  3. Select your DSN from the DSN dropdown menu.
  4. Select MongoDB BI Connector from the Version dropdown menu.
  5. Enter your mongosqld username and password.


    If you are running mongosqld without authentication enabled, you still need to enter something in the username and password fields. Any string will do.

  6. Give the data source a name.

    Screenshot of MicroStrategy DSN popup window
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click on your newly created data source in the Data Sources panel. Your MongoDB databases should appear in the center panel.
  9. Select the database you'd like to work with. The database's collections should appear.
  10. Drag the collections you'd like to work with to the right side panel.
  11. Click the Finish button.

See the MicroStrategy documentation for more information about data visualizations.


Select a data access mode that is appropriate for your situation.

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