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mongosqld is the BI Connector program which connects your MongoDB instance to your BI tool. mongosqld requires a data schema which maps to your MongoDB collections and databases. You have several options for creating a schema and launching mongosqld. This guide will help you choose the best option for your needs.

By default, mongosqld generates a data schema and holds it in memory. Alternatively, if you prefer to create a schema file and edit it manually, use the mongodrdl program to create a .drdl schema file and use the --schema option when starting mongosqld. For more information on schema generation and data sampling, see Map Relational Schemas to MongoDB.

There are three options for launching and running mongosqld. You can:

You can host the MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence in MongoDB Atlas To learn how to connect to an Atlas-hosted BI Connector, see Connect via BI Connector for Atlas.

You can use command line options to specify collections and databases to sample, user credentials, and other configuration options. For a complete list of command line options, see Command Line Options.

To start mongosqld from the command line, run the mongosqld executable in the BI Connector program directory with any necessary command line options.

The following example uses the --sampleNamespaces option to specify the books collection in the test database.

"C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.4\bin\mongosqld.exe" --sampleNamespaces test.books

mongosqld defaults to port 3307. You can set the port number manually by providing the --addr option with the host address and port.

You can use a configuration file to hold all your mongosqld configuration options. Start mongosqld with the --config option to specify a configuration file.

"C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.4\bin\mongosqld.exe" --config <pathToConfigFile>\mongosqld.conf

BI Connector requires a configuration file with the mongosqld.systemLog.path setting specified when running as a system service. Using your preferred text editor, create a mongosqld.conf file. To review the configuration file options, see Configuration File. For example:

path: 'C:\logs\mongosqld.log'
bindIp: ''
port: 3307

All the file paths in your configuration file must be absolute and wrapped in single quotes. For example:

path: 'C:\logs\mongosqld.log'

To install and run mongosqld as a system service, run the following commands:

"C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Connector for BI\2.4\bin\mongosqld.exe" install --config "<pathToConfigFile>\mongosqld.conf"
net start mongosql

Windows returns mongosql service installed if your installation succeeded.

Once BI Connector is up and running, you are ready to begin using it with your preferred BI tool. See Connect BI Tools for a selected list of connection tutorials.

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