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Getting Started

Connect and use MongoDB with your favorite programming language within minutes.

MongoDB Manual

The MongoDB Manual, including: CRUD, aggregation, database commands, mongo shell methods, and other common operations in MongoDB.

Cloud Products

MongoDB offers a variety of cloud products, including MongoDB Stitch, MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Atlas Data Lake, MongoDB Cloud Manager, and MongoDB Ops Manager.


MongoDB Stitch is a hosted serverless platform that lets you easily and securely connect to MongoDB Atlas and many third-party services.


MongoDB Atlas

Atlas provides MongoDB as a service from the people who build MongoDB.

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake

Atlas Data Lake allows you to quickly query data stored in your AWS S3 buckets.

MongoDB Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager is a hosted platform for managing MongoDB on the infrastructure of your choice.

MongoDB Ops Manager

Ops Manager is a comprehensive application that helps you manage MongoDB safely and reliably in your own data center.


Install MongoDB Community Edition

MongoDB Community Edition is source available & free to use. For information on MongoDB licensing, see MongoDB Licensing

Install MongoDB Enterprise

Evaluate MongoDB Enterprise to explore advanced monitoring, security, analysis, and cluster management tools.

Client Libraries (Drivers)


MongoDB Stitch

MongoDB Stitch is a serverless platform that provides an HTTP API to MongoDB, integration with other services, and a declarative rules infrastructure which spans database and service actions.


MongoDB Atlas Open Service Broker

MongoDB Atlas Open Service Broker enables Atlas cluster deployment and database user management from within Kubernetes.

MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator enables deployment of containerized MongoDB instances using Kubernetes.

Graphical Tools

MongoDB Charts

MongoDB Charts is the fastest and easiest way to create visualizations of MongoDB data. Beta now available in MongoDB Atlas and for on premises deployment.

MongoDB Compass

Visually explore your data; run ad hoc queries in seconds; assess and optimize your query performance in Compass, the MongoDB GUI.

Data Explorer

Included in MongoDB Atlas, use Data Explorer to inspect the databases and collections in a MongoDB cluster.

Database Tools

MongoDB Database Tools

Tools for interfacing with a MongoDB cluster, such as importing/exporting data.